My name is Ian Dunkerley, I'm a front-end developer based in Torquay, Devon, UK. I have developed many types of front-ends from well know DJ applications to Ecommerce booking platforms.

I'm passionate about cutting-edge, pixel-perfect, beautiful interfaces and intuitively implemented UX.

Screen time converter

Count the time your children spend on activities like homework, chores and exercise and convert it into screen time. I created this with Vue.js and the Howlr libary to add the interactive clock sounds. It can be installed as a progressive web application and is also available from the google play store. The git repository for this one is private at the moment.


Domposer is a website builder which has a UI that allows you to quickly add and rearrange HTML and CSS, upload and download created projects and files, login to save upto 5 projects and can be installed as a progressive web application. The stack is Laravel for the backend/API's and vanilla JS for the frontend. The git repository for this one is private at the moment.


A simple, customizable, minimal setup cookie plugin that allows your users to select which cookies to accept or decline. This was created with vanilla JS, SCSS and Parcel Bundler and is available as a NPM package and the git repository makes any type of customization to code and themes possible.


An easy to use, lightweight library for web-components. It doesn't need a build step but can be included in a build step if you want to. It's a great way to create reusable components for your projects. It's available as a NPM package and doesn't use any dependencies and is 11kb minified. It also doesn't use eval or new Function so can be used in strict CSP polices without a build step.


This is a NPM package that takes an SVG file and renders it as a inline SVG to the DOM and can also render HTML files too. You can also pass data to it that renders where its specified inside double curly braces. I created this to solve problems with some frameworks and bundlers when using inline SVG files and to keep code cleaner and easier to read.